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We spent a few days in the Ticino.Cathrin crimping in Chironico.Guenther Gebetsroither aka Cathrin in a slab, Chironico.A nice slap. Chironico.
ChironicoThe typical stonehouses in the Ticino.ChironicoChurch in Chironico.
Brione. The obligatory warm-up arete.Brione. The obligatory warm-up arete.BrioneBrioneVolker Lukas in Strange cloud. Any clue?
Lago MaggioreChillin´ at the lake.
Mountains in the back of Chironico.Norbert Grugger aka Schnurl in Chironico.Bernhard Fiedler in Berni. Project. Crux.The whole boulder.Matthias Woitzuck in the project, Chironico.
Hiasi in the project in Chironico.Robert Buttinger aka Schnurl in the project.And Volker trying hard - its still a project.Chipping.Team effort.Cathrin in stem problem.Cathrin in stem problem.
Hiasi is going for the dwarf solution.Berni in the project.Flo in the stem problem.Chironico highland-cattle.Berni in From castle to castle in Bellinzona.Bellinzona Castelgrande.Spiral stairs in the Torre detta Bianca at Castelgrande.
Breakfast. Porridge.Butti and his dinosaur mug.The Innergebirgler.VolkerButti in Calanca.Volker in Tom in A german tourist in
Butti in Butti in Butti in Butti in Butti in Volker in an assumed 7a, Volker in an assumed 7a, Cathrin in Calanca.
Cathrin in Calanca.Schnurl in Calanca.Peter Emberger aka PizziVolker in Volker in Volker in
Butti in Butti in The dwarf of Calanca.Schnurl