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Ethan in Ethan in Ethan in Ethan in Ethan in Ethan in Ethan in Restday at the Gorges de la Meauge
The next days we will spend in Annotfor sandstone bouldering.Cathrin in Cathrin in Cathrin in Beautiful rock featuresCathrin in an unnamed B5Cathrin in sn unnamed B4
Tom in Ethan in Ethan in Pockets are typical for AnnotCathrin in a B5Cathrin in a B8Annot
A beautiful old townAnnot at nightOn the way to the Verdon: CastellanVerdonAgata and Juergen are preparing the descent to the gorge. And the tourists are watching.They are always above you!
Agata Kryk doing some toprope in VerdonAgata exposed.Agata on the last meters of her climb.Agata on the last meters of her climb.Restday: We rented a canoe at the Lac du Sainte CroixLazy paddling...full speed paddling!
The Verdon river opens out to the Lake.Gorges du LoupOn the way to the Sector Gorges du LoupJuergen Sartori in Juergen in Tom in Tom in
Tom in Our campground at Bar sur LoupBack in Italy: Fosse close to the climbing area CeredoTypical roofs in FosseLago di ToblinoLast breakfast of the trip at the Lago di Toblino, close to TrentoCannes